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8082-MEINDLUMER.pdf.jpg2017Experimental investigation of friction reduction by superimposed vibrationsMeindlumer, Martin; Holl, Helmut J.; Simader, Viktoria; Schnürer, Dominik; Brandl, Andreas
8030-BEREZVAI.pdf.jpg2017Experimental investigation of the shear angle variation during orthogonal cuttingBerezvai, Szabolcs; Molnar, Tamas G.; Bachrathy, Daniel; Stepan, Gabor
8057-MOLDENHAUER.pdf.jpg2017Experimental modeling approach for determining the moisture damping exponent of a bluetooth low energy signal in moist building materialMoldenhauer, Laura; Helmerich, Rosemarie; Köppe, Enrico; Wittmann, Jochen
8071-ANDRZEJEWSKA.pdf.jpg2017Experimental studies on effect of hydrolytic degradation on additive manufactured polymeric partsAndrzejewska, Angela; Topoliński, Tomasz
expero-eng-cervai-cop_ombra1.jpg.jpg2007ExPerO. A model to evaluate the quality of the learning outcome in Higher Technical Education courses based on stakeholders' expectations and perceptions
expero-ita-cervai-cop_ombra1.jpg.jpg2007ExPerO. Valutazione della qualità dell'esito formativo dei corsi di formazione tecnica superiore attraverso l'analisi delle aspettative e delle percezioni degli stakeholders
Tiselius_Interpreters18.pdf.jpg2013Expertise without Deliberate Practice? The Case of Simultaneous InterpretersTiselius, Elisabet
2022Explicit analysis of positive dimensional fibres of Pg,r and Xiao conjectureGrosselli, Gian Paolo; Spelta, Irene
PartonRendMat35.pdf.jpg2003Explicit Parallelizations on Products of Spheres and Calabi-Eckmann StructuresParton, Maurizio
Exploring the biological properties.pdf.jpg2014Exploring the biological properties and therapeutic potential of antimicrobial peptidesD’Este, Francesca; Skerlavaj, Barbara; Tomasinsig, Linda; Scarsini, Michele; Zanetti, Margherita
T09_Rose.pdf.jpg2016Exploring the Cognitive Capacity of birdsRose, Jonas
Napier.pdf.jpg2012Exploring Themes in Stakeholder Perspectives of Video Remote Interpreting in CourtNapier, Jemina
1_RIMUT48.pdf.jpg2016Exponential decay of solutions to initial boundary value problem for anisotropic visco-elastic systemsNakamura, Gen; Oliva, Marcos
AvalosLasieckaRendMat28s.pdf.jpg1996Exponential stability of a thermoelastic system without mechanical dissipationAvalos, George; Lasiecka, Irena
02Toumi.pdf.jpg2009Exponents in R of Elements in a Uniformly Complete $\Phi-Algebra$Toumi, Mohamed Ali
RIMUT_47_05_Chiantini.pdf.jpg2015Expressing Forms as a Sum of PfaffiansChiantini, Luca
Garcia-RaffiRomagueraSanchezPerezRendMat33.pdf.jpg2001Extensions of Asymmetric Norms to Linear SpacesGarcìa-Raffi, L.M.; Romaguera, S.; Sánchez Pérez, E.A.
1999 N.11 Giannopoulos.pdf.jpg1999Extention of the TENS and intermodal transport : two priority issues for transport development in S.E. EuropeGiannopoulos, G. A.
GREBLO_EP25.pdf.jpg2017Extra Statum nulla persona. Umanità in fugaGreblo, Edoardo
Bouraoui_LF_2003_2.pdf.jpg2003ExtraitBouraoui, Hédi