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ValdierRendMat26s.pdf.jpg1994A course on Young measuresValdier, Michel
SeriesRendMat37.pdf.jpg2005A Crash Course on Kleinian GroupsSeries, Caroline
04Bortolussi_Sgarro.pdf.jpg2009A Criterion for the Stochasticity of Matrices with Specified Order RelationsBortolussi, Luca; Sgarro, Andrea
Yokum_Rossi_E&P_XI_2009_2.pdf.jpg2009A Critical Perspective on Moral NeuroscienceYokum, David V.; Rossi, Filippo
Incelli_Testi_corpora.pdf.jpg2017A cross-cultural contrastive analysis of interpersonal markers in promotional discourse in travel agency websitesIncelli, Ersilia Amedea
18_Ferrara.pdf.jpg2019A Crypto-Liberalism of Collective Self-Restraint?Ferrara, Alessandro
R05_VirantDoberlet.pdf.jpg2016A day in a life of a bug linguistVirant-Doberlet, Meta
Thompson_Transiti_Volume_I.pdf.jpg25-Jul-2017"A define outline for our ignorance": Italian Cultural Mediation in George Eliot's Daniel DerondaThompson, Adrew
7_Ghanmi_Mouayn.pdf.jpg2009A Deformed Bargmann Transform by an SU(2) Matrix ParameterGhanmi, Allal; Mouayn, Zouhaïr
44NSKAD_AmorosoMiglioreCatalanoGalatioto.pdf.jpg2010A demand-based methodology for planning the bus network of a small or medium townAmoroso, Salvatore; Migliore, Marco; Catalano, Mario; Galatioto, Fabio
ET_2013_54_7 Ambrosini et al..pdf.jpg9-Jul-2013A design methodology for scenario-analysis in urban freight modelingAmbrosini, Christian; Gonzalez-Feliu, Jesus; Toilier, Florence
T08_Todorovic.pdf.jpg2016A distance-dependent size perception paradoxTodorović, Dejan
Copertina_DEAMS_RP_4_Bacinello_Millossovich_Montealegre-1.jpg.jpg2013A Dynamic Programming Algorithm for the Valuation of Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefits in Variable AnnuitiesBacinello, Anna Rita; Millossovich, Pietro; Montealegre, Alvaro
MusialRendMat26s.pdf.jpg1994A few remarks concerning the strong law of large numbers for non-seprabale Banach space valued functionsMusial, Kazimierz
03 FENNELL.pdf.jpg2004A fifteenth century baker’s price-list: MS. Douce Charters a 1, no. 62Fennell, Claire
GregoriPastorRendMat30s.pdf.jpg1999A fixed point theorem for fuzzy contraction mappingsGregori, Valentín; Pastor, José
KhanRendMat08.pdf.jpg1976A fixed point theorem for metric spacesKhan, M. S.
BellenRendMat05.pdf.jpg1973A fixed point theorem in strictly convex Banach spacesBellen, Alfredo
GEFTER_WONDRICH_Diritto_letterature_confronto-11.pdf.jpg2016«A footnote in legal history». Critica della giustizia e Englishness in Arthur and George di Julian BarnesGefter, Roberta
Kessler_72-93.pdf.jpg2019A Forgotten Protagonist of European Communism: Franz Marek and the Transnational Communist DebateRuzicic-Kessler, Karlo