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DattoliLorenzuttaCesaranoRendMat35.pdf.jpg2003From Hermite to Humbert polynomialsDattoli, G.; Lorenzutta, S.; Cesarano, C.
20_Owen.pdf.jpg2019From Justification to Vindication: Lindahl and Asymmetrical RecognitionOwen, David
FERRARI.pdf.jpg2013From Nanoethics to the Normativity of Technological VisionsFerrari, Arianna
MALFATTICARBONI.pdf.jpg2013From nanoscience to nanoethics: the viewpoint of a scientistMalfatti, Luca; Carboni, Davide
SlavicaTer_23-2019-2_06-Kovacs.pdf.jpg2019From Narrative Parallelism to Prosaic Metaphor (The Problem of Counterpart in the Short Story)Kovács, Gábor
02-Bachleitner.pdf.jpg2021From Paternalism to Authoritarianism: Censorship in the Habsburg Monarchy (1751–1848)Bachleitner, Norbert
ritt6_08cincotta.pdf.jpg2001From Practice to TheoryStrong Cincotta, Madeleine
SettonIN15.pdf.jpg2010From practice to theory and back in interpreting: the pivotal role of trainingSetton, Robin
Fric_RIMUT44.pdf.jpg2012From probability to sequences and backFrič, Roman
Poliarchie_1_2018_Battera.pdf.jpg2018From Rentier to Developmental Neo-Patrimonialism In AngolaBattera, Federico
Poliarchie_1_2018_Mattina.pdf.jpg2018From Siamese Twins to Distant Relatives. The End of the Privileged Alliance between Pro-Labor Parties and Left-wing UnionsMattina, Liborio
09.pdf.jpgJan-1998From the Book to the Internet (And What Does Bakhtin Have to Do With It?)Javornik, Miha
00_Preface.pdf.jpg2020From the Data City to the Living ArchipelagoBaranzoni, Sara; Fitzpatrick, Noel; Vignola, Paolo
SlavicaTer_24-2020-1_04-Kreft.pdf.jpg2020From the Marginal to the ExemplaryKreft, Lev
3_IN23-2018.pdf.jpg2018From the phone to the classroom: categories of problems for telephone interpreting trainingIglesias Fernández, Emilia; Ouellet, Marc
2. Cavazza-E-2013=Esercizi Filosofici-8.1=pp13-40.pdf.jpgJul-2013From the Problem of “Secondary Qualities” to Intrinsically Relational Identity. Environmental ImplicationsCavazza, Elisa
SlavicaTer_24-2020-1_09-Troha.pdf.jpg2020From Theatre Experiments to National Institutions: Lado Kralj and Dušan Jovanović between 1968 and the 1980sTroha, Gašper
Borruso_Danielis_ET25_26.pdf.jpg2004From Trasporti Europei to European Transport \ Trasporti EuropeiBorruso, Giacomo; Danielis, Romeo
06.pdf.jpgOct-2005From voice to gesture: methodological aspects in the compilation of a terminological, tri-lingual, multimodal dictionaryKellett Bidoli, Cynthia Jane
Ielen_67-92.pdf.jpg2018Frontier incidents: il confronto tra alleati e jugoslavi lungo i confini della Venezia Giulia e del Territorio Libero di Trieste, 1945-1949Ielen, Lorenzo