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Dogo_DIANET_2015.pdf.jpg2015War, colonization and trade in the Danube basin in the modern era: some sustainability-related issuesDogo, Marco
07_Bolly_et_al.pdf.jpg2013Water resources management: a case of contamination by chlorides in BelgiumBolly, Pierre-Yves; Duren, Thierry; Gaule, David; Riboni, Marco; Vizzotto, Pietro
Zanut, Carattin, sicurezza accessibile.pdf.jpg2010Wayfinding ed emergenzaZanut, Stefano; Carattin, Elisabetta
AISNA_Battistini.pdf.jpg2015“We may be caught in the trap of a garrison state”:* Harold D. Lasswell, the American Middle Class and the Political Legitimacy of the National Security StateBattistini, Matteo
24_Sessione-IV-Sitiweb_Sironich.pdf.jpg2013Web comunicazione attiva e passivaSironich, Mauro
welcome_address.pdf.jpg2014Welcome addressesFermeglia, Maurizio ; Gerzabek, Martin H.; Vitouch, Oliver; Veskovic´, Miroslav
baldry.pdf.jpg2008What are concordances for? Getting multimodal concordances to perform neat tricks in the university teaching and testing cycleBaldry, Anthony
Rossi_et_al_6ConvegnoOstracodologi.pdf.jpg2012What does egg size tell us about development and hatching time in Heterocypris incongruens?Rossi, Valeria; Zatorri, Matteo; Perotti, Alessio; Benassi, Giorgio; Menozzi, Paolo
O_Neill_miscellanea_04.pdf.jpg2000What gives (with Derrida)?O'Neill, John
Bruschi_Rossi_Sources_of_Law.pdf.jpg2012What is the English Constitution? The Answer of John James Park in the Crucial Year 1832Bruschi, Ugo; Rossi, Davide
10_Human_Diversity_online.pdf.jpg2020When National Assimilation Policies Encounter Ethnic Resilience: The Case of Western European RomaTONINATO PAOLA
debernardi_lippi_TooBig_online.pdf.jpg2019When quantification makes a difference: a preliminary attempt to arrange early victoriati by extensive die studiesDebernardi, Pierluigi; Lippi, Roberto
P03.pdf.jpg2014When the Mind “Flies”: the Effects of Mind-Wandering on DrivingBencich, Erica; Gamboz, Nadia; Coluccia, Emanuele; Brandimonte, Maria A.
Arma_EmergingTopics.pdf.jpg2012“Why can’t you wear black shoes like the other mothers?” Preliminary investigation on the Italian language of audio descriptionArma, Saveria
13-Crisa_257-272.pdf.jpg2018Why should the Palermo Museum and Antonino Salinas keep Arabic coins? New record on Canon Giovanni Pacetto's donation (1887)Crisà, Antonino
foi.pdf.jpg2014Wiener Weltausstellung 1873: A ‘Peripheral’ Perspective of the Triester ZeitungFoi, Maria Carolina
Weber, Hagedorn, bioidentify.pdf.jpg2010Wiki keys on mobile devicesWeber, Gisela; Hagedorn, Gregor
Cabezas et al, bioidentify.pdf.jpg2010Wiki-keys for the ferns of the Flora of Equatorial GuineaCabezas, Francisco; Aedo, Carlos; Barberá, Patricia; De la Estrella, Manuel; Fero, Maximiliano; Velayos, Mauricio
P22.pdf.jpg2014Will You Train Harder for the Next Marathon? The Effect of Counterfactual and Prefactual Thinking on Marathon Runners’ Intentions.Stragà, Marta; Ferrante, Donatella
14-manna_223-235.pdf.jpg2019Winckelmann nel Novecento: la narrativa degli anni VentiLa Manna, Federica