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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
pompicus.pdf.jpg2021pompicusCRISTANTE, LUCIO
quadrata structura.pdf.jpg2021quadrata structuraDE NONNO, MARIO
quadrati versus.pdf.jpg2021quadrati versusDE NONNO, MARIO
quadratus pes.pdf.jpg2021quadratus pesDE NONNO, MARIO
Quadratus versus anapaesticus catalecticus.pdf.jpg2021quadratus versus anapaesticus catalecticusDE NONNO, MARIO
Quadratus versus choriambicus catalecticus.pdf.jpg2021quadratus versus choriambicus catalecticusDE NONNO, MARIO
quadratus versus iambicus acatalectus.pdf.jpg2021quadratus versus iambicus acatalectusDE NONNO, MARIO
Quadratus versus iambicus catalecticus.pdf.jpg2021quadratus versus iambicus catalecticusDE NONNO, MARIO
Quadratus versus paeonicus.pdf.jpg2021quadratus versus paeonicusDE NONNO, MARIO
Quadratus versus trochaicus catalecticus.pdf.jpg2021quadratus versus trochaicus catalecticusDE NONNO, MARIO
Quadratus versus trochaicus scazon.pdf.jpg2021quadratus versus trochaicus scazonDE NONNO, MARIO
c. Redattori delle voci.pdf.jpg2020Redattori delle voci
saturnius (pes).pdf.jpg2021saturnius (pes)MORELLI, GIUSEPPE
saturnius (versus).pdf.jpg2021saturnius (versus)MORELLI, GIUSEPPE
Structura orationis.pdf.jpg2021structura orationisDE NONNO, MARIO
ἄλογος_alogus.pdf.jpg2021ἄλογος / alogusDI BRAZZANO, STEFANO
ἄμετρος_ametros.pdf.jpg2021ἄμετρος / ametrosMORETTO, BARBARA
ἄμικτον ποίημα.pdf.jpg2021ἄμικτον ποίημαPETTENÀ, CARMELITA
ἄνετος.pdf.jpg2021ἄνετοςSCHIEVENIN, ROMEO
ἄνω ~ κάτω.pdf.jpg2021ἄνω ~ κάτωCRISTANTE, LUCIO