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Marco Beltrame - O3-DPACS thesis.pdf.jpg18-Mar-200803-DPACS: an open source solution for critical PACS systems integratedin the 03 Consortium project.Beltrame, Marco
PhDThesis_Prasciolu.pdf.jpg9-Mar-20073D laser scanner based on surface silicon micromachining techniques for shape and size reconstruction of the human ear canalPrasciolu, Mauro
Parisi_phd.pdf.jpg12-Mar-2012A Bader’s topological approach for the characterization of pressure induced phase transitionsParisi, Filippo
Peronio_phd.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2013A closer look at heterogeneous catalysis: reaction intermediates at the single-molecule levelPeronio, Angelo
MARTIGNAGO DISSERTATION[1].pdf.jpg29-Apr-2011A comparative analysis of Sava, Tisza, Dniester transborder water river basin management agreement and cooperative policies and their impact on the enhancing of mutual understanding and the well being of people involvedMartignago, Gabriele
21-Apr-2009A gene transfer approach, based on Adeno-Associated Viral (AAV) vectors, to study the process of vessel maturation and stabilizationMoimas, Silvia
massi pavan.pdf.jpg23-Apr-2008A hardware field simulator for photovoltaic materials applications.Massi Pavan, Alessandro
PhD Thesis Capaci Valeria.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2014A mutant p53/miR-30d axis controls cell polarity in Breast CancerCapaci, Valeria
Bortolussi PhD Final.pdf.jpg2-Mar-2009A new animal model in the study of UCB metabolism and neurotoxicityBortolussi, Giulia
CANTONE TESI.pdf.jpg10-Mar-2008A new conception of polymeric supports for the solid phase peptide synthesis: rigidity and porosity as determinant factors for the success in industrial applicationsCantone, Sara
PiccoliV_PhDthesis.pdf.jpg20-Apr-2015A new look at dehumanization: The association between menstrual cycle changes and dehumanization of womenPiccoli, Valentina
Crevatin - extended abstract.pdf.jpg22-Apr-2009A novel approach to the experimental study of thermoplastic composities fatigue behaviourCrevatin, Andrea
NOGHEROTTO_phd.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2015A numerical framework for multiple phase cloud microphysics in regional and global atmospheric modelsNogherotto, Rita
Marco Napoli PhD Thesis .pdf.jpg28-Apr-2011A Pin1/mutant p53 axis promotes aggressiveness in breast cancerNapoli, Marco
reale_phd.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2015A process study of the Adriatic-Ionian System baroclinic dynamicsReale, Marco
SISLDG.pdf.jpg30-May-2011A semi implicit, semi-Lagrangian p-adaptive discontinuous Galerkin method for the rotating shallow water equations: analysis and numerical experimentsTumolo, Giovanni
TESI.pdf.jpg21-Mar-2012L'a-priori economico. Per una fenomenologia dello stato del debitoGiugliano, Dario
PhD_Signorini.pdf.jpg16-Apr-2014Abitanti di uno spazio incerto. Pratiche e paradossi in una etnografia tra rifugiati, operatori e diritti sociali.Signorini, Virginia
Tesi_Manuela_Bandera.pdf.jpg24-Apr-2009Abuso di posizione dominante e rifiuto di concedere in licenza diritti di proprietà intellettualeBandera, Manuela
tesi dottorato fabbro.pdf.jpg17-Apr-2008Accuratezza e correlazione istologica degli anticorpi anti actina nella diagnosi di malattia celiaca.Fabbro, Elisa