Etica & Politica / Ethics & Politics (2023) XXV/2

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Monographica. Citizen Science with and within the Social Sciences and the Humanities

Alessia Smaniotto, Antonella Passani
Citizen Science with and within the Social Sciences and the Humanities. Guest editors’ preface

Giulia Malavasi, Bruna De Marchi, Antonella Ficorilli, Annibale Biggeri
Epidemiologia ambientale ben temperata: etica, sociologia e storia in un progetto di citizen science

Christel Nissille, Laure Kloetzer
Le Glossaire: 125 ans de sciences citoyennes en dialectologie

Nina Janz
The participatory aspect of creating a collection on WWII: Collecting ego-documents from Luxembourgish recruits and their families

Baptiste Bedessem, Anne Sourdril, Valentin Baumstark, Lucie Dos Santos, Emmanuelle Gonzalez, Celine Pellettier, Quentin Steinman, Laura Verlhac, Romain Julliard
Citizen science for public deliberation of local environment policies

Patricia Canto Farachala, Ingar Brattbakk, Paulina Budrytė, Reidun Norvoll
Participatory Communication and Citizen Social Science: Lessons Learned and New Ethical and Political Challenges

Lucia Ziglioli
Filosofia pubblica e citizen science: verso una citizen philosophy?

Gaston Remmers, Julia Hermann, Egbert Siebrand, Catharina M. Van Leersum
Mind the Relationship: A Multi-Layered Ethical Framework for Citizen Science in Health

Gefion Thuermer, Laura Koesten, Elena Simperl
Talking metadata: Understanding privacy implications of volunteer contributions in citizen science projects

Symposium. Paula Biglieri, Luciana Cadahia, "Seven Essays on Populism: For a Renewed Theoretical Perspective", Polity Press, Cambridge UK 2021

Samuele Mazzolini
Essays on the Seven Essays: Populism, Ontology, Feminism and More. Introductory Remarks

Oliver Marchart
Imagining Populism Differently. Notes on the Proposal of a Feminist, International, Republican Populism

Mercedes Barros, Natalia Martínez Prado
Feminism and Populism with no Guarantee

Jenny Gunnarsson Payne
Feminism and Populism. Strange Bedfellows or a Perfect Match?

Bruno Bosteels
Populism without Adjectives, or, Politics between History and Ontology

Luciana Cadahia, Paula Biglieri
Obstinate Rigour: Populism without Apologies. Authors’ Reply to Critics


Walter E. Block, Michael R. Edelstein
A Partial Solution to the Self-Ownership Challenge

Paolo Slongo
Hobbes, Montaigne e la differenza dei costumi

Denard Veshi, Carlo Venditti, Raffaele Picaro
Una discussione teorico-normativa e comparativa sulle disposizioni anticipate di trattamento: un modello italiano per il contesto albanese

Carmelo Vigna
Essere e relazione. Risposte alle obiezioni di alcuni amici


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    Etica & Politica / Ethics & Politics, XXV, 2023, 2
    Etica & Politica / Ethics & Politics is an open access philosophical journal, being published only in an electronic format. The journal aims at promoting research and reflection, both historically and theoretically, in the field of moral and political philosophy, with no cultural preclusion or adhesion to any cultural current. Contributions should be submitted in one of these languages: Italian, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish. All essays should include an English abstract of max. 200 words. The editorial staff especially welcomes interdisciplinary contributions with special attention to the main trends of the world of practice. The journal has an anonymous double peer review referee system. Three issues per year are expected. The copyright of the published articles remain to the authors. We ask that in any future use of them Etica & Politica / Ethics & Politics be quoted as a source. All products on this site are released with a Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 IT)
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    Essere e relazione. Risposte alle obiezioni di alcuni amici
    Vigna, Carmelo
    This essay contains the responses given by Carmelo Vigna to some critics regarding their respective contributions published in the book "Essere in relazione" (Orthotes, 2022) on the topics of fundamental ontology and intersubjectivity. In the background, there is criticism of Emanuele Severino's neoparmenidism.
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    Una discussione teorico-normativa e comparativa sulle disposizioni anticipate di trattamento: un modello italiano per il contesto albanese
    Veshi, Denard
    Venditti, Carlo
    Picaro, Raffaele
    While the Italian Parliament ruled on the Advance Directives (ADs) in December 2017, Albania has not yet adopted a specific law regulating end-of-life situations. This scientific contribution studies the Albanian legal system and the documents published by the two main public health advisory bodies National Bioethics Committee and the National Health Committee as well as the national medical jurisprudence and the Code of medical ethics. After examining the im-portance of ADs and having considered the national and international literature that emphasized the patient's right to self-determination, this paper provides some suggestions while also taking into consideration the rules adopted by the Italian Parliament in December 2017. In the conclu-sions, this research highlights the importance of the ad hoc rules governing the ADs based on the findings of the investigation of the Italian model. Furthermore, in light of the current pan-demic, an innovative interpretation of the Albanian penal code is proposed.
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    Hobbes, Montaigne e la differenza dei costumi
    Slongo, Paolo
    The article aims to focus on the problem of the "difference of Manners" in the eleventh chapter of Leviathan. Through the analysis of the text, it emerges how the problem posed here by Hobbes seems to recall in some way what emerges in Montaigne’s Essais, when he speaks of the diversity, or of the variety, of the mœurs. It is therefore a question of asking whether what Hobbes is talking about are ways of being individuals capable of reacting with greater or less pertinence to a given situation. Or if it is instead a question of rigidly codified behaviors, customs proper to a certain group or a certain population. It is therefore necessary to understand what role instruction and education by the public authority have in Leviathan in regulating and discipli-ning the conduct of the subjects and their ways of life, in order to ensure the maintenance of the political order.
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    A Partial Solution to the Self-Ownership Challenge
    Block, Walter E.
    Edelstein, Michael R.
    We all, all of us, without exception, consist of nothing more than property owned by other people: the sperm from our fathers, the egg and nine month’s worth of sustenance from our mothers. That being the case, how is it that we come to own ourselves? The present paper attempts to wrestle with this conundrum.
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