TSPC2015: Proceedings of the Trieste Symposium on Perception and Cognition, November 13rd 2015

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Bernardis Paolo, Fantoni Carlo, Gerbino Walter



Zdravković Sunčica

Kanizsa figures in lightness and brightness context

Domijan Dražen

A Neural Model of Lightness Anchoring

Galmonte Alessandra, Agostini Tiziano

The phenomenology of the phantom illusion

Rudd Michael E.

Cortical mechanisms of object-centered lightness computation

Korb Sebastian, Malsert Jennifer, Strathearn Lane, Vuilleumier Patrik, Niedenthal Paula

Increased facial mimicry after administration of intranasal Oxytocin

Aiello Marilena, Foroni Francesco, Eleopra Roberto, Pergola Giulio, Rumiati Raffaella

A possible role of reward sensitivity and impulsivity in weight gain after deep brain stimulation.

Bolis Dimitris, Heinzle Jakob, Mathys Christoph, Stephan Klaas Enno

Inferring cognitive traits of individual subjects through gaze controlled video games

Mirabella Giovanni

Error predictability across large-scale cortical activity

Manzotti Riccardo

Negative afterimages as locally filtered perception

Gregori Grgič Regina, Crespi Sofia, de’Sperati Claudio

On gaze agency

Marković Slobodan, Bulut Tara

Attractiveness of human body and fluency of gender categorization

Todić Jakšić Tijana, Marković Slobodan

Effects of caricatured features on experience of facial beauty

Bruno Nicola, Garofalo Gioacchino, Ferrari Vera

Colored backgrounds and perceptual sensitivity

Todorović Dejan, Jovanović Ljubica

The Ebbinghaus illusion is not a size contrast illusion

Tošković Oliver

Anisotropic space odyssey – perceived anisotropy of near distances

Athanasakis Emmanouil, Faletra Flavio, Licastro Danilo, Gerbino Walter, Lonciari Isabella, Faletra Flavio

Developmental dyslexia and its complex genetic puzzle

Barbiero Chiara, Burani Cristina, Ronfani Luca, Gerbino Walter

Typography and dyslexia: A preliminary study on university students

Bencich Erica, Marini Andrea

An exploration of the effects of mind wandering on narrative production skills

Boschetti Eliana, Mayer Uwe, Trainito Caterina, Chiandetti Cinzia, Vallortigara Giorgio

Neuronal basis of numerical cognition in the domestic chick

Candelieri Irene, Chiandetti Cinzia, Cattaruzza Serena

Healing dolphins? Cognitive and perceptual criticisms in Dolphin-Assisted Therapy

Cecchetto Cinzia, Korb Sebastian, Rumiati Raffaella Ida, Aiello Marilena

Moral decision-making in alexithymic participants

Chiandetti Cinzia, De Tommaso Matteo

Processing of rhythmical acoustic patterns in the domestic chicks. A behavioral exploration

Cmijanović Marija, Zdravković Sunčica

Face Perception: the separate effects of stimulation and observer

Cogoni Carlotta, Carnaghi Andrea, Silani Giorgia

Can we empathize with objectified women? How the perception of others shapes our feeling toward them

Conci Anna

Can you see what I hear? Detecting changes in multimodal setting

Coppola Walter, Cattaruzza Serena

Creating a world through the sounds

Coricelli Carol, Foroni Francesco, Rumiati Raffaella

“Should I cook or should I raw? Implicit and explicit preferences towards natural and transformed food”

D'Orso Giovanni, Gamboz Nadia, Neroni Maria Antonella, de Vito Stefania, Brandimonte Maria A.

The role of narrative construction in future events simulation

De Caro Elide Francesca, Di Blas Lisa

Personality profiles of adolescents with risky attitudes towards food, dieting, and their body image.

De Tommaso Matteo, Mastropasqua Tommaso, Turatto Massimo

Effects of uncertain reward predictors on attentional capture.

De Vita Chiara, Costa Hiwet Mariam, Passolunghi Chiara

On the relationship between the approximate number system (ANS) and mathematics in first grade children

Drammis Letizia M., Brandimonte Maria Antonella

At the root of prospection: Mental time line and mental number line as predictors of children's future thinking.

Formica Silvia, Tarantino Vincenza, Mazzonetto Ilaria, Anglani Mariagiulia, Causin Francesco, Vallesi Antonino

Neural underpinning of monitoring in different domains: an EEG-fMRI investigation

Fornasier Deanna, Burani Cristina, Fumarola Antonia, Carlomagno Sergio

Effects of a visual-lexical stimulation therapy on Italian children with developmental spelling difficulties.

Galliussi Jessica, Grzeczkowski Lukasz, Gerbino Walter, Herzog Michael H., Bernardis Paolo

Visual perceptual learning of task-irrelevant feature of the stimulus: preliminary results

Gamboz Nadia, Coluccia Emanuele, Drammis Letizia, Neroni Maria Adriana, Brandimonte Maria Antonella, Cori Liliana, Bianchi Fabrizio, Manzoli Federica

Determinants of environmental risk perception in adolescents.

Gutierrez-Herrera Maria, Saevarsson Styrmir

Neuroanatomical basis of prism adaptation therapy on premotor neglect

Jarmolowska Joanna, Busan Pierpaolo, Bencich Marco, Gallina Paolo, Battaglini Piero Paolo, Dalla Barba Gianfranco, Gerbino Walter, Volcic Robert, Fantoni Carlo

Visuomotor adaptation changes tactile discrimination: an ERP study

Kompatsiari Kyveli, Candrian Gian, Mueller Andreas

Test-retest reliability of an ERP study on children with ADHD during a visual Go/NoGo task

Lorenzi Elena, Mayer Uwe, Rosa Salva Orsola, Vallortigara Giorgio

A neuronal activity marker c-fos reveals higher activity in septum of chicks exposed to animacy motion cues

Marcatto Francesco, Di Blas Lia, Luis Ornella, Ferrante Donatella

The perceived stress-at-work scale

Mezzarobba Susanna, Sgubin Giulia, Grassi Michele, Valentini Roberto, Bernardis Paolo

Sit-to-Walk predicts Freezing of Gait status over than cognitive load: an experimental study with Linear Discriminant Analysis.

Musić Marijana, Carnaghi Andrea, Pelamatti Giovanna, Piccoli Valentina, Vegliach Alessandro

The automatic predictors of the attentional bias toward the alcohol: Do we want it or like it?

Nedimović Predrag, Zdravković Sunčica

The color of multi-lit objects

Piccoli Valentina, Bianchi Mauro, Maass Anne, Del Missier Fabio, Carnaghi Andrea

Women and men in Google search: User' sexism and its relationship with objectification of images of women

Plet Sabrina, Marcatto Francesco, Tognolli Gabrio

Non-suicidal self-injury: web portal, e-learning and research to generate effective treatments

Prpic Valter, Boschetti Giulia, Luccio Riccardo

The auditory version of the solitaire illusion

Riontino Laura, Cavallero Corrado

Sleep deprivation selectively impairs attentional networks.

Santoro Ilaria, Tesařová Monica, Agostini Tiziano

The influence of walking on encoding and sensorimotor alignment effects in spatial updating

Sarcetta Mattia, Prpic Valter, Murgia Mauro, Galmonte Alessandra, Agostini Tiziano

The illusory size of optical illusions does not produce the SNARC effect

Schembri Massimiliano

The role of extra-retinal information in a dynamical discrimination task that requires size constancy abilities

Sors Fabrizio, Murgia Fabrizio, Brunello Marco, Prassel Luca, Agostini Tiziano

The role of auditory and visual information in the discrimination of the speed of penalty kicks

Stragà Marta, Piccoli Valentina, Fantoni Carlo, Carnaghi Andrea

Giulia is dressed, Candle is naked: "objectification" in women and men

Struzzo Pierluigi, Marcatto Francesco, Ferrante Donatella, Della Vedova Roberto, Scafato Emanuele, Scafuri Francesca, Tersar Costanza,Wallace Paul

E-health and risky drinking in primary care: results of a non-inferiority RCT in Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region

Tamburini Laura, Fantoni Carlo, Gerbino Walter

Reflective Thinking and Simulated Driving: The Importance of Answering Questions

Tesařová Monica, Drandić Veronika, Santoro Ilaria, Murgia Maur, Sors Fabrizio, Agostini Tiziano

Ecological sounds are more effective than artificial sounds in breath modulation

Tomarchio Cristina, Grassi Michele, Tognolli Gabrio, Fantoni Carlo, Marcatto Francesco

Good advice is rarer than rubies: A study on online Tripadvisor hotel reviews

Zarl Francesca, Fum Danilo

Membership vs Typicality in Sentence Verification Tasks: Implications for the Fuzzy Set Theory of Concepts

Žauhar Valnea, Bajšanski Igor, Dražen Domijan

The Role of Explicit Awareness of the Existence of Logical Rules in Category Learning and Metacognitive Monitoring


Paolo Bernardis, Carlo Fantoni, Walter Gerbino (eds.)

This book of proceedings collects the abstracts of talks and posters presented at the Trieste Symposium on Perception and Cognition 2015, organized by the Psychology Unit of the Department of Life Sciences, University of Trieste, and held at campus on the 13th of November. It opens with the abstracts of four talks presented at the workshop on "Visual Context and Lightness Perception", featuring key speakers who have recently provided notable theoretical and empirical insights into the field of lightness perception. In particular, talks 1 and 3 discussed intriguing demonstrations of how lightness can be affected by visual context, in the form of illusory surfaces (talk 1) and luminance gradient (talk 3), even when unnoticeable. Talks 2 and 4 presented theoretical models that account for some effects of visual context on lightness from different perspectives (neural networks in talk 2 and computational modeling in talk 4). The second part of the volume collects abstracts of talks and posters presented at regular oral and poster sessions. Each abstract published in the proceedings has been evaluated by an anonymous expert reviewer and by the organizers. The list of anonymous reviewers who supported the editorial process is reported in the next section. More than 50 active participants gathered at TSPC2015, coming from Italy and other European countries (Serbia 8. Croatia 2, USA 1, Switzerland 2, Germany 2, Greece 1, Czech 1. United Kingdom 1). It featured 11 talks and 45 posters. The book of proceedings includes written reports of all talks, and 44 out of 45 posters. Several areas of cognitive science were covered, including: perception (talks 5, 8, 9, 10, 11: posters 8, 11, 29, 32, 35, 36, 37; satellite symposium 1, 2, 3, 4); action and perception (talk 6; posters 23, 34. 41); attention (talk 10; posters 15, 33); memory (posters 13, 17). learning (talk 3; poster 20); development (posters 16, 17); language (poster 3); problem solving and reasoning (poster 40, 42); personality (posters 14, 26); decision-making (talks 3, 6: poster 21); concepts and categorization (talks t; poster 43); social cognition (talk 1; posters 9. 30, 38); animal cognition (posters 4. 5, 7, 25); neuropsychology and rehabilitation (posters 22, 27); developmental disorders (posters 1, 2, 19, 24); e-health (poster 31, 39); behavioural disorders (poster 3); executive processes: monitoring, inhibitory control (talks 2, 4; posters 18, 44); cognitive dysfunctions (poster 28). In terms of disciplines, contributions included modelling, behavioral experiments with adults and children, cognitive neuroscience, linguistics, philosophy, and ophthalmology.


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