The Interpreters' Newsletter n. 17 - 2012

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Maurizio Viezzi

Erich Prunc
Rights, realities and responsibilities in community interpreting

Carmen Valero Garcés
A sociological perspective on TIPS. Explorations into
the translator’s/interpreter’s (in)visibility in
Translation and Interpreting in Public Services

Elena Tomassini
Healthcare interpreting in Italy: current needs and proposals
to promote collaboration between universities and healthcare services

Federico Farini
Languages (and cultures?) in contact. Interpreting
and Intercultural Mediation in Italian healthcare settings

Clara Pignataro
Interlinguistic and intercultural mediation in healthcare settings

Christina Anna Korak
Remote Interpreting via Skype - a viable alternative
to in situ interpreting?

Alenka Morel, Vojko Gorjanc and Nike Kocijancàicà Pokorn
Healthcare interpreting in Slovenia

Malgorzata Tryuk
The judge, the doctor, the immigration officer and the interpreters’.
Community interpreter’s role perception - a Polish perspective

Fabrizio Gallai
Legalising EU legal interpreters: a case for the NRPSI

Adolfo Gentile
Interpreting as a human right - institutional responses:
the Australian Refugee Review Tribunal

Christopher John Garwood
Court interpreting in Italy.
The daily violation of a fundamental human right

Heidi Salaets
The next step in the CBI professionalisation process:
training the public services providers

Giovanni Bevilacqua
Quantitative or qualitative analysis? An interesting
methodological route in the field of Community Interpreting

Fotini Apostolou
Interpreting services for immigrants: a new reality in Greece

Naoto Nishio, Dimitra Anastasiou, Ian O’Keeffe, Gianna Tarquini, J.J. Collins, Reinhard Schäler
Access to public information through localisation


The Interpreters' Newsletter of the Dipartimento di Scienze del Linguaggio, dell'Interpretazione e della Traduzione and the Scuola Superiore di Lingue Moderne per Interpreti e Traduttori, University of Trieste, is an international journal promoting the dissemination and discussion of research in the field of interpreting studies.


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