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The University of Trieste has an Open Access Policy as from 7 June 2013

OpenstarTs is the institutional repository of the University of Trieste. It has been set up in compliance with the guidelines of the Conference of Italian University Rectors (CRUI). It collects, manages and stores the digital objects produced by the University and aims at their quick and effective dissemination.

OpenstarTs is based on self-archiving: the author submits both the metadata and the data, i.e. describes the document by filling in a guided web form and uploads the relative file into the repository. When the system administrator validates the submission the item is published.

In order to simplify the procedures and to avoid duplications OpenstarTs is interfaced with the University authentication system (LDAP) and with other institutional data bases, such as the student registry. The repository is presently operational for the submission of doctoral theses in compliance with the relevant CRUI guidelines. The doctoral theses are harvested by the National Libraries of Florence and Rome for preservation purposes.

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