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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A Nonstandard Proof of the Banach-Steinhaus TheoremVera Sereno, Edith M.; Vera Mendoza, Rigoberto
2006Anonyme : 'Enée'Rochard, Jean-François
17-Apr-2008Anoressia nervosa in adolescenza: aspetti psicopatologici e dimensioni di personalitàGandione, Marina; Leccese, Antonio
2005An Orlicz Extension of Some New Sequence SpacesSavas, Ekrem; Patterson, Richard F.
1978A note on a theorem of KhanFisher, Brian
1981A note on convergences in commutative groupsZanolin, Fabio
1983A note on elliptic BVP with jumping nonlinearitiesSolimini, Sergio
2001A Note on Fixed Fuzzy Points for Fuzzy MappingsEstruch, Vicente D.; Vidal, Anna
2006A Note on Gevrey Well-Posedness for the Operator $\partial^2_t - a(t)\partial _x(b(t,x)\partial_x)$Del Santo, Daniele
2001A Note on Harmonic Calculus in $m$-convex AlgebrasEl Kinani, A.
2001A Note on Local CompactnessClementino, Maria Manuel
2010A Note on Non-homogeneous Hyperbolic Operators with Low Regularity CoefficientsFanelli, Francesco; Colombini, Ferruccio
2015A Note on plane rational curves and the associated Poncelet SurfacesBernardi, Alessandra; Gimigliano, Alessandro; Idà, Monica
1999A note on quasi-k-spacesSanchis, Manuel
2013A note on secants of GrassmanniansBoralevi, Ada
2005A Note on Smooth Matrices of Constant RankCiampa, Maurizio; Volpi, Aldo
1999A note on Sylvester's problem for random polytopes in a convex bodyCampi, Stefano; Colesanti, Andrea; Gronchi, Paolo
1993A note on the classification of F-fibrationsPavešić, Petar
2010A Note on the Coalgebraic Interpretation of Game LogicDoberkat, Ernst-Erich
2005A Note on the CR Cohomology of Levi-Flat Minimal Orbits in Complex Flag ManifoldsAltomani, Andrea
Showing results 489 to 508 of 12022
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