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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Area metrpolitana. Analisi degli aspetti urbanistico-territorialiCiuffarin, Igor; Di Biagi, Paola; Marcon, Claudia; Marin, Alessandra
22-Apr-2009L'area trasversale e l'area comune nella SSIS CampanaStrollo, Maria Rosaria
1979A recycling of the statistical principle of maximum informationSgarro, Andrea
3-Mar-2009Aree protette e sviluppo sostenibile: le politiche di conservazione della natura e le ricadute a scala globale e localeD'aponte, Tullio; D'aponte, Tullio; Adamo, Marco
Deams_RP-7_cop-190.jpg.jpg20-Jan-2014Are funding of pensions and economic growth directly linked? New empirical results for some OECD countriesCavallini, Pietro; Carmeci, Gaetano; Millo, Giovanni
24-Feb-2016A Refutation of Democratic Peace Assumptions in Liberal Projects for Global OrderPiras, Elisa
1996A regularity result for a class of anisotropic systemsPassarelli Di Napoli, Antonia; Siepe, Francesco
1981A regularity theorem for a unilateral problemBiancardi, Mirella; Esposito, Anna; Macchetta, Luisa Anna
2013Are Interpreting Strategies Teachable? Correlating Trainees’ Strategy Use with Trainers’ Training in the Consecutive Interpreting ClassroomLi, Xiangdong
1985A remark on Alexander duality and Thom classesStruppa, Daniele; Turrini, Cristina
2010A Remark on Long Range Effect for a System of Semilinear Wave EquationsKubo, Hideo; Takaki, Motoharu
2000A Remark on Partial Regularity of Minimizers of Quasiconvex Integrals of Higher OrderGuidorzi, M.
1976A remark on surjectivity of quasibounded P-compact mapsConti, G.; De Pascale, E.
2001A Result about Selectors in non-Archimedean SpacesArtico, Giuliano; Marconi, Umberto
1977A result concerning a class of ladder operatorsScaravelli, Corrado; Teppati, Giancarlo
1790Aretaei Cappadocis De causis et signis acutorum et diuturnorum morborum libri quatuor. De curatione acutorum et diuturnorum morborum libri quatuor.-
2002Are Trains more dangerous than Planes? And, if so, what? Experiences and empirical evidence of vertical separationNuti, Fabio
2013A review of the success and failure of tram systems to carry urban freight: the implications for a low emission intermodal solution using electric vehicles on tramsArvidsson, Niklas; Browne, Michael
21-Aug-2006Ariadne l'attriceSerpa, Franco
Showing results 704 to 723 of 12078
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