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Title: Magyar Lexikai Egységek Forditàsa Lengyel Nyelvre és a Bilingvizmus Kérdése
Authors: Stefańczyk, Wiesław Tomasz
Issue Date: Jun-1997
Publisher: EUT - Edizioni Università di Trieste
Series/Report no.: Slavica Tergestina
Abstract: The vocabulary of the Hungarian Polonia Community is characterized by a relatively small number of words borrowed directly from Hungarian (ex.: bácsi uncle, mister, néni aunt, madam, lady etc.) and also by a large number of so called “hidden Hungarianisms”: that is to say Hungarian words, expressions, and word formations that are translated directly into Polish. In the lexical system of the Hungarian Polonia Community it is possible to distinguish two groups of “hidden Hungarianisms”: 1. Semantically borrowed words: punktualny – exact, precise, Hung.: pontos, Pol.: dokładny: to nie jest punktualna informacja; 2. Semantically borrowed word formations; mieć prawde – to be right, Hung.. vkinek igaza van, Pol.: mieć rację: mama, masz prawdę. Thus the vocabulary system of the Hungarian Polish Community is expanding through this process of borrowing Hungarian words and word formations. This characteristic distinguishes the language of the Hungarian Polonia Community from the Polish language spoken in other Polonia communities, where the influence of the host country's language produces a large number of directly borrowed words.
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