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Ecolingua: the Role of E-corpora in Translation and Language Learning : [12]

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Christopher Taylor

Silvia Bruti, Elisa Perego
Vocatives in Subtitles: a Survey across Genres

Maria Freddi
Continuity and Variation across Translations: Phraseology in the Pavia Corpus of Film Dialogue

Francesca Bianchi
The Distribution of Authorial Presence in Experimental Psychology Articles

Francesca Bianchi, Elena Manca
Discovering Language through Corpora: the Skills Learners Need and the Difficulties they Encounter

Maria Grazia Busà
Teaching Prosody to Italian Learners of English: Working towards a New Approach

Sara Gesuato
Encoding of Information in Titles: Academic Practices across Four Genres in Linguistics

Vanessa Leonardi
Increasing or Decreasing the Sense of “Otherness”: the Role of Audiovisual Translation in the Process of Social Integration

Amanda C. Murphy
Mediated Language in Non-native Speaker Texts in the European Commission

Pierfranca Forchini
The get-unit in Corpora of Spontaneous and Non-spontaneous Mediated Language: from Syntactic Versatility to Semantic and Pragmatic Similarity

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