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Rendiconti dell'Istituto di matematica dell'Università di Trieste: an International Journal of Mathematics vol.38 (2006) : [11]

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Mehmet Tekkoyun
A General View to Classification of Almost Hermitian Manifolds

Désirée Basile and Angelo Bella
Short Proof of a Cardinal Inequality involving the Weak Extent

Tiziano Granucci
Osservazioni sulla Continuità Hölderiana per un Minimo di un Funzionale Convesso con Crescite Non-Standard

Peter V. Danchev
Note on Elongations of Summable p-Groups by pw+n-Projective p-Groups

Mehmet Tekkoyun and Gamze Cabar
Complex Hamiltonian Equations and Hamiltonian Energy

Ekrem Savaş
On |A,δ|k summability factors

Iani Arnaoudov and George Venkov
The Transmission Acoustic Scattering Problem for Bi-Spheres in Low-Frequency Regime

Bruno P. Zimmermann
Hyperbolic Knots and Links with a Common Cyclic Branched Covering: Known Results and Open Problems

B. Bellonotto and Giancarlo Teppati
Algebraic Aspects of Commutation of Linear Operators up to a Factor

Daniele Del Santo
A Note on Gevrey Well-Posedness for the Operator 2t- a(t)∂x(b(t,x)∂x)

Tomas Godoy and Uriel Kaufmann
On some Semilinear Periodic Parabolic Problems

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