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Rendiconti dell'Istituto di matematica dell'Università di Trieste: an International Journal of Mathematics vol.36 (2004) : [8]

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Michael Winkler
Propagation versus constancy of support in the degenerate parabolic equation ut = f(u)∆u

Sandra Oltra and Oscar Valero
Banach's fixed point theorem for partial metric spaces

Daniel Canarutto
Quantum connections and quantum fields

Juan Pablo Pinasco
Lower bounds of Fučik eigenvalues of the weighted one dimensional p-Laplacian

Roberto Gianni and Paola Mannucci
Mathematical study of a parabolic system describing the evolution of the solar magnetic field

Mehmet Tekkoyun, Sevket Civelek and Ali Gürgülü
Higher order lifts of complex structures

Mehmet Tekkoyun
On higher order complete-vertical and horizontal lifts of complex structures

Jean Mawhin
Il perenne ritorno delle somme di Riemann-Stieltjes nell'evoluzione del calcolo integrale

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