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Rendiconti dell'Istituto di matematica dell'Università di Trieste: an International Journal of Mathematics vol.34 (2002) : [12]

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Edoardo Ballico
On the minimal free resolution of multiple curves

Giuseppe Dattoli, Paolo E. Ricci and Laura Marinelli
Generalized truncated exponential polinomyals and applications

Jan Hamhalter
Noncommutative phenomena in measure theory on operators algebras

Annamaria Miranda
Cardinal invariants for function spaces

Sania Marušić
Asymptoptic behaviour of Sobolev constants for thin curved rods or pipes

Céline Azizieh
Symmetry and monotonicity results for positive solutions of p-Laplace systems

Filippo Gazzola
The sharp exponent for a Liouville-type theorem for an elliptic inequality

Yuri Bozhkov and Antonio Carlos Gilli Martins
On the symmetry group of a differential equation and the Liouville-Gelfand problem

Wolfgang Desch and Krista W. Homan
Pointwise versions of solutions to Cauchy problems in Lp-spaces

Luisa Di Piazza
A Riemann-type minimal integral for the classical problem of primitives

Heinz König
Measure and Integration: an attempt at unified systematization

Antonella Nannicini
Twistor methods in conformal almost symplectic geometry

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