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Rendiconti dell'Istituto di matematica dell'Università di Trieste: an International Journal of Mathematics vol.32 (2001) s1 : [21]

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Gennaro Amendola, Riccardo Benedetti, Francesco Costantino and Carlo Petronio
Branched spines of 3-manifolds and Reidemeister torsion of Euler structures

Mark Baker, Michel Boileau and Shicheng Wang
Towers of covers of hyperbolic 3-manifolds

Stuart Bratholdt and Daryl Cooper
On the topology ofthe character variety of a free group

Maria Rita Casali and Carlo Gagliardi
A code for m-bipartite edge-coloured graphs

Alberto Cavicchioli, Friedrich Hegenbarth and Dušan Repovš
Special classes of closed four-manifolds

Scipio Cuccagna
La stabilità asintotica dei ground states della NLS

Francesco Domenicucci, Massimo Ferri and Giorgio Nicoletti
Local triangle choice for impact computation in the tactile exploration of a virtual surface

Claude Hayat-Legrand, Elena Kudryavtseva, Shicheng Wang and Heiner Zieschang
Degrees of self-mappings of Seifert manifolds with finite fundamental groups

Sadayoshi Kojima
Complex hyperbolic cone structures on theconfiguration spaces

Mattia Mecchia
Hyperbolic 2-fold branched coverings

Alexander Mednykh, Marco Reni, Andrei Vesnin and Bruno Zimmermann
Three-fold coverings and hyperelliptic manifolds: a three-dimensional version of a result of Accola

Michele Mulazzani and Riccardo Piergallini
Lifting braids

Luisa Paoluzzi
On hyperbolic type involutions

Luisa Paoluzzi and Bruno Zimmermann
Finite quotients of the Picard group and related hyperbolic tetrahedral and Bianchi groups

Marco Reni and Andrei Vesnin
Hidden symmetries of cyclicbranched coverings of 2-bridge knots

Marco Reni and Bruno Zimmermann
Finite simple groups acting on 3-manifolds and homology spheres

Yo’av Rieck
Genus reducing knots in 3-manifolds

Beatrice Ruini and Fulvia Spaggiari
Manifold spines and hyperbolicity equations

Makoto Sakuma
Surgery description of orientation-preserving periodic maps on compact orientable 3- manifolds

Martin Scharlemann
Heegaard reducing spheres for the 3-sphere

Jeffrey R. Weeks
A robust algorithm to determine the topology of space from the cosmic microwave background radiation

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