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Rendiconti dell'Istituto di matematica dell'Università di Trieste: an International Journal of Mathematics vol.32 (2001) s2 : [14]

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Giuliano Artico and Umberto Marconi
A Result about Selectors in non-Archimedean Spaces

Gianni Bosi and Romano Isler
Continuous Order-Preserving Functions on a Preordered Completely Regular Topological Space

Maria Manuel Clementino and Walter Tholen
A Note on Local Compactness

Vicente D. Estruch and José Pastor
A Pseudo-Measure of Fuzziness

Vicente D. Estruch and Anna Vidal
A Note on Fixed Fuzzy Points for Fuzzy Mappings

F. Garibay, M. Sanchis and R. Vera
Dynamical Systems from Uniform Completions

Dennis J. Garity
Unknotting Numbers are not Realized in Minimal Projections for a Class of Rational Knots

M. Isabel Garrido and Jesùs A. Jaramillo
Representation of Homomorphisms on Function Lattices

Valentín Gregori, Salvador Romaguera and Almanzor Sapena
Uniform Continuity in Fuzzy Metric Spaces

Esteban Induráin
The Concept of Separable Connectedness: Applications to General Utility Theory

Mark Nauwelaerts
The Cartesian Closed Topological Hull of the Category of (Quasi-)Uniform Spaces (Revisited)

Petr Simon
A Connected, not Separably Connected Metric Space

Mark Sioen
How Many Closed Structures does the Construct PRAP Admit?

Bruno Zimmermann
On Hyperbolic 3-Orbifolds of Small Volume and Small Heegaard Genus

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