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Encountering Otherness. Diversities and Transcultural Experiences in Early Modern European Culture : [20]

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Guido Abbattista


I.Perspectives on human, religious and political ‘otherness’in the early modern age

Guido Abbattista

Trophying human ‘otherness’. From Christopher Columbus to contemporary ethno-ecology (fifteenth-twenty first centuries)

Lucia Felici

Una nuova immagine dell’Islam (e del cristianesimo) nell’Europa del XVI secolo

Guillermo Pérez Sarrión

The idea of ‘naturality’ in the Hispanic monarchy and the formation of Spanish identity between the sixteenth and the eighteenth centuries: an approach

Joan-Pau Rubiés

Ethnography, philosophy and the rise of natural man 1500-1750

II. Enlightenment culture and the reflection on ‘otherness’: historical, ethnographic, statistical and economic knowledge in European and colonial contexts

László Kontler

The Lappon, the Scythian and the Hungarian, or our (former) selves as others. Philosophical history in eighteenth-century Hungary

Borbála Zsuzsanna Török

The ethnicity of knowledge: statistics and Landeskunde in late eighteenth-century Hungary and Transylvania

Jesús Astigarraga

Les images de l’Espagne chez les économistes napolitains des Lumières: le cas de Filangieri

Javier Usoz, Juan Zabalza

Political economy and the mirror of ‘otherness’: moral and foreign political models in the works of the Spanish economist T. Anzano (1768-1795)

Ashley Eva Millar

Your beggarly commerce!Enlightenment European views of the China trade

Paul Cohen

The power of apprehending ‘otherness’: cultural intermediaries as imperial agents in New France

Hans-Jürgen Lüsebrink

L’expérience de l’ ‘Autre’ des missionnaires et le discours anthropologique. À propos des Nouvelles de la presqu’île américaine de Californie (1772) du missionnaire jésuite Johann Jakob Baegert

Ann Thomson

Thinking about the history of Africa in the eighteenth Century

Marco Platania

Madagascar “possession française”?L’historiographie coloniale en débat: une mise en perspective

Niccolò Guasti

Catholic civilization and the evil savage: Juan Nuix facing the Spanish Conquista of the New World

III. The nineteenth century: ‘otherness’ between identity building and retrieving typycality

Balázs Trencsényi

Civilization and originality: perceptions of history and national specificity in nineteenth century Hungarian political discourse

Maggy Hary

The Holy Land in British eyes: sacred geography and the ‘rediscovery’ of Palestine, 1841-1917

Monika Wehrheim

À la quête du passé des autres: les expéditions des voyageurs Dupaix et Waldeck à Palenque (Mexique) dans la première moitié du XIXe siècle

Irene Gaddo

Snapshotting the ‘Other’: images of the ‘otherness’ in Samuel Butler’s life and work (1835-1902)

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