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Rendiconti dell'Istituto di matematica dell'Università di Trieste: an International Journal of Mathematics vol.31 (1999) : [15]

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A. Azizi and R. Lamjoun
Les corps $\mathbb{Q}\,\left( \sqrt{-p_{o}},\sqrt{d} \right)$ dont les 2-groupes de classes sont de Klein, avec $p_{o}\, \equiv \, 1\, \mbox{ mod(4)}$, premier

Mohammad Ashraf
On symmetric bi-derivations in rings

Irene Sabadini
Multi valued analytic functionals on compact Riemann surfaces of genus g ≥ 1

A. Djellit and N. Benouhiba
Existence de valeurs propres principales pour un problème elliptique en dimension 2

Corrado Tanasi
Sui gruppi semplicemente connessi all'infinito

Stefano Campi, Andrea Colesanti and Paolo Gronchi
A note on Sylvester's problem for random polytopes in a convex body

Paolo Vitolo
The representation of weighted quasimetric spaces

S. V. Lüdkovsky
Quasi-invariant measures on a group of diffeomorphisms of an infinite-dimensional real manifold and induced irreducible unitary representations

Robert Cauty
Sur les sélections continues des collections d'arcs

D. Giachetti and R. Schianchi
An Agmon Douglis-Nirenberg type result for some non linear equations

Javier Rodrigo and Juan Tarrés
An example of two compact spaces with different topological dimensions

M. Tahara, S. Marchiafava and Y. Watanabe
Quaternionic Kähler structures on the tangent bundle of a complex space form

Emilio Musso and Lorenzo Nicolodi
Willmore canal surfaces in Euclidean space

Anna Paola Migliorini
Everywhere regularity for a class of elliptic systems with p, q growth conditions

S. I. Pohožaev (Pokhozhaev)
The fibering method and its applications to nonlinear boundary value problem

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