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Rendiconti dell'Istituto di matematica dell'Università di Trieste: an International Journal of Mathematics vol.30 (1999) : [13]

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J. Carlos S. Kiihll and Claudina Izepe Rodrigues
Semi-free circle actions: the multiplicative structure

S.V. Lüdkovsky
Irreducible unitary representations of a diffeomorphisms group of an infinite-dimensional real manifold

M.T. Mustafa
Totally geodesic horizontally conformal maps

Massimiliano Migliorini and Adriano Tommasini
Complex foliations in generalized twistor spaces

Ji-Cheng Hou
The π-weights and π-characters of hyperspaces with the hit-and-miss topologies

A. P. Caetano and R. F. Picken
On a family of topological invariants similar to homotopy groups

Antonella Nannicini
Twistor bundles of almost symplectic manifolds

S. Kumaresan and Jyotshana Prajapat
Analogue of Gidas-Ni-Nirenberg result in hyperbolic space and sphere

G. Arioli and F. Gazzola
On a quasilinear elliptic differential equation in unbounded domains

Alessandro Soranzo
Determination of convex bodies from ±$\infty$-chord functions

Edoardo Ballico
Weierstrass points, inflection points and ramification points of curves

Rabah Labbas, Mohand Moussaoui and Mohamed Najmi
Singular behavior of the Dirichlet problem in Hölder spaces of the solutions to the Dirichlet problem in a cone

O. Lakkis
A short proof of regularity for solutions to semilinear elliptic problems with exponential critical growth

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