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Rendiconti dell'Istituto di matematica dell'Università di Trieste: an International Journal of Mathematics vol.28 (1996) s. : [19]

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George Avalos, Irena Lasiecka
Exponential stability of a thermoelastic system without mechanical dissipation

Viorel Barbu, Angelo Favini
Periodic problems for degenerate differential equations

Viorel Barbu, Mimmo Iannelli
The semigroup approach to non-linear age-structured equations

Bernard Beauzamy
Extremal products in Bombieri's norm

Shangquan Bu, Sylvie Guerre-Delabriere
Imaginary powers and Interpolation spaces of unbounded operators

Giuseppe Da Prato
Perturbation of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck semigroups

H. O. Fattorini
Nonlinear infinite dimensional optimal control problems with state constraints and unbounded control sets

Marco Fuhrman
On the sum of generators of analytic semigroups

Ugo Gianazza, Vincenzo Vespri
Analytic semigroups generated by square Hörmander Operators

Hans-Christoph Grunau, Wolf Von Wahl
Regularity considerations for semilinear parabolic systems

Matthias Hieber
Gaussian estimates and invariance of the Lp-Spectrum for elliptic operators of higher order

Alessandra Lunardi, Vincenzo Vespri
Generation of strongly continous semigroups by elliptic operators with unbounded coefficients in Lp(Rn)

J. M. A. M. Van Neerven
Elementary operator-theoretic proof of Wienner's Tauberian Theorem

Jan Prüss
Poisson estimates and maximal regularity for evolutionary integral equations in Lp-spaces

Eugenio Sinestrari
Favard classes and hyperbolic equations

Pavel E. Sobolevskii
Well-Posedness of difference elliptic equation

Guido Sweers
Hopf's Lemma and two dimensional domains with corners

Horst R. Thieme
On commutative sums of generators

Roberto Triggiani
Carleman estimates and exact boundary controllabilty for a system of coupled non-conservative Schödinger Equations

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