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Rendiconti dell'Istituto di matematica dell'Università di Trieste: an International Journal of Mathematics vol.28 (1996) : [20]

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R. D. Giri, A. K. Wazalwar
On some local properties of semigroups

Antonia Passarelli Di Napoli, Francesco Siepe
A regularity result for a class of anisotropic systems

Antonio Boccuto, Anna Rita Sambucini
The Burkill-Cesari integral for Riesz spaces

Elisa Francini
Starshapdeness of level sets for solutions of nonlinear parabolic equations

Roberto Tauraso
Centralizers of polynomials

C. Cortazar, M. Elgueta, M. Primicerio
Localization of the solution of a one-dimensional one-phase Stefan problem

Cesare Davini
Note on a parameter lumping in the vibration of elastic beams

A. Bella, V. I. Malykhin
Single non-isolated point spaces

Simonetta Abenda, Paolo Caldiroli, Piero Montecchiari
Multibump solutions for Duffing-like systems

A. L. Charbonniaud, J-F. Crouzet, R. Gay
Sur l'extrapolation des signoux d'energie finie a band limitee

Dario Fasino, Gabriele Inglese
Recovering a probabilty density from a finite number of moments and local a priori information

A. Fabiano
An introduction to the microlocal analysis of hypercomplex functions

Federico Talamucci
A model of frost heave with sharp interface between the unfrozen and the frozen soils

Roberto Gianni, Riccardo Ricci
An elliptic-parabolic problem in Bingham fluid motion

Francesca Alessio
Homoclinic solutions for second order systems with expansive time dependence

M. Tarallo
Almost periodic problems and a property by Eris Séré

Marco Bitossi
On the effective calculation of holonomy groups

Irene Sabadini, Daniele C. Struppa
Analisi di Fourier in più variabili complesse

Giovanni Alessandrini, Victor Isakov
Analicity and uniqueness for the inverse conductivity problem

Gregory S. Spradlin
An almost periodic function of several variables with no local minimum

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