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Rendiconti dell'Istituto di matematica dell'Università di Trieste: an International Journal of Mathematics vol.26 (1994) : [19]

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Alessandro Fedeli
τ-Paracompactness and Regularity

Ján Borsík
Points of continuity, quasicontinuity and cliquishness

Chiara de Fabritiis
One parameter groups of volume preserving automorphisms of C2

Giovanna Ilardi
Sulle ipersuperfici algebriche ad hessiana indeterminata

Juri Bozhkov
The geometry of certain three-folds

F. Podestà and F. Tricerri
Riemannian manifolds with special cuvature tensor

B. Loo and A. Verjovsky
On quotients of Hopf fibrations

M. Borelli and M. Ughi
The fast diffusion equation with strong absorption: the instantaneous shrinking phenomenon

Marco Abate
Iteration of holomorphic families

Martino Prizzi
Invariant manifolds for singularly pertubated parabolic equations

Massimo Ferrarotti
G-Manifolds and Stratifications

Charles Traina
A note on trace equivalence in PSL(2,Z)

Massimiliano Migliorini
Sottovarietà speciale dello spazio dei twistors

Carlo Petronio
Thurston's solitaire tilings of the plane

Edoardo Vesentini
Holomorphic projective mappings

Carlo Ravaglia
Constant obstacle problem and rearrangements

R.D. Giri and Shraddha Tiwari
On the commutativity of s-unital rings and periodical rings

G. dal Maso and R. Toader
Limits of Dirichlet problems in perforated domains: a new formulation

Guido Sweers
A noncooperative mixed parabolic-elliptic system and positivity

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