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Rendiconti dell'Istituto di matematica dell'Università di Trieste: an International Journal of Mathematics vol.25 (1993) : [28]

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Ofelia T. Alas
On countably compact product spaces

Giuliano Artico and Umberto Marconi
A continuity result in calculus     (Non disponibile al momento)

Giuliano Artico and Roberto Moresco
On the fuzzes which are complete rings of sets

Alberto Barbati
The hyperspace of an analytic metrizable space is analytic

Alessandro Berarducci and Dikran Dikranjan
Uniformly approachable functions and spaces

Alessandro Caterino
Esh which induce βN

Alberto Cavicchioli and Beatrice Ruini
Splittings of manifolds with boundary and related invariants

Zvonko Cerin
Proper shape groups     (Non disponibile al momento)

Rossana Chiavacci, Paola Cristofori and Carlo Gagliardi
Linking two minimal triangoulations of $\mathbb C$ P2

Dikran Dikranjan
Convergence groups: sequential compactness and generalizations

Georgi D. Dimov
On the commutability beetween hyperspaces, and on Schmidt's conjecture     (Non disponibile al momento)

G.D. Faulkner and M.C. Vipera
Complexity of compactifications of N

Monique Gradolato and Bruno Zimmermann
Finite quotients of hyperbolic tetrahedral groups

Marco Grandis
Cubical monads and their symmetries

K.A. Hardie and J.J.C. Vermeulen
A projective homotopy theory for non-additive categories

P.T. Johnstone and M.C. Pedicchio
Remarks on continuous Mal'cev algebras     (Non disponibile al momento)

Attilio Le Donne
A topological interpretation of cellular maps

Matilde Marcolli
Lorenz bundles     (Non disponibile al momento)

Sibe Mardešić
Recent advances in inverse systems of spaces

Vlasta Matijević
Approximate polyhedral resolutions with irreducible bonding mappings

P.T. Matthews and T.B.M. McMaster
Families of spaces having prescribed embeddability order-type

P.T. Matthews and T.B.M. McMaster
Minimal spaces, maximal pre-antis

J.P. May
Derived categories in algebra and topology

Neza Mramor-Kosta
Coincidence points of maps on Zpα-spaces

Robert Paré
Universal coverig categories

Petar Pavešić
A note on the classification of F-fibrations

Riccardo Piergallini
Manifolds as branched covers of spheres

Dusan Repovs and Pavel V. Semenov
An application of the theory of selections in analysis

Petr Simon
Products of sequentially compact spaces

Walter Tholen
Closure operators     (Non disponibile al momento)

Maurizio Trombetta
Funzioni positive a sottografo regolare

N. Uglesic
Approximate sequences versus inverse sequences

L'opera di Mario Dolcher

Mario Dolcher
Some ideas on structures

Gino Tironi
The work of professor Mario Dolcher

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