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The 3rd Simone Assemani Symposium on Islamic Coins : [18]

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Bruno Callegher

Andrea Gariboldi
Aspetti di economia monetale nei documenti di Monte Mug. Con una appendice sui ritrovamenti di monete sasanidi, arabo-sasanidi e umayyadi in Tagikistan

Giulio Bernardi
Un tremisse di transizione con croce trasformata in palma stilizzata (sec. VII)

Frank R. Trombley
Some Greek and bilingual Arab-Byzantine bronze coins of Damascus and Hims-Emesa: some new examples of iconography and palaeography, with reference to some Byzantine issues of the late 6th and 7th centuries

Mohamed Ghodhane
Un fals umayyade rare au nom d’Atrabuls /Tripoli: étude du type, de conjoncture et d’atelier

Norman D. Nicol
Some Additions to A Corpus of Fatimid Coin

M. Alaa Aldin Alchomari
Trésor de Buseyra (Karkisiya)

Vladimir Belyaev, Vladimir Nastich, Sergey Sidorovich
The coinage of qara khitay: a new evidence (on the reign title of the Western Liao Emperor Yelü Yilie)

Vladimir N. Nastich
Early Islamic Copper Coinage of Transoxiana. A Generic Survey Focused on Newly Discovered Coin Types

Arianna D'Ottone
Ludovico Stanzani: freemason architect and coin connoisseur. Notes on his biography and collection

Mohammad Younis
"Malik Muluk Al-Umara"
New Laqab On Ai-Aba Dinar

Irakli Paghava
The First Arabic Coinage of Georgian Monarchs: Rediscovering the Specie of Davit IV the Builder (1089-1125), King of Kings and Sword of Messiah

Nikolaus Schindel
Umayyad Lead Coins

Nitzan Amitai- Preiss
Umayyad Vocabulary on Administrative Objects from Palestine

Maria Amalia De Luca
Sicilia Aghlabita: Nuove testimonianze numismatiche

Arianna D'Ottone
Umayyad and ‘Abbasid Glass Stamps from a Private Collection

Giancarlo Alteri
Giuseppe Simonio Assemani tra manoscritti e monete orientali

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