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Title: Analysis of the renewable energy sources perspectives in the state of Croatia
Authors: Licul, Mauricio
Supervisore/Tutore: Boileau, Anna Maria
Issue Date: 16-Apr-2014
Publisher: Università degli studi di Trieste
The whole Europe is dependent on the import of energy in various forms . Given that Europe has no longer its raw materials in large quantities and had to turn to new technologies in order to produce the required amount of energy needed. There is the similar situation also in Croatia , which has recently become a full member of the European Union . This paper attempts to critically analyze the current situation in the energy sector . The thesis is oriented on the identification of the problems , barriers and reasons regarding the usage of certain types of technology , and why the implementation of this technologies are not differently organized and developed in the Republic of Croatia. The thasis also analyzes the objectives of the energy development strategy , the legal framework of implementation of renewable energy sources , the problem faced by renewables in their implementation and other segments that are associated with sustainable energy ig general.
In the thesis also some themes regarding subsidizing energy production are analysed , therefore the thesis also tried to evoke the auto balance between subsidizing conventional forms of energy production and minor state subsidies for new renewable forms of energy . After each chapter the conclusions are drawn from various sub-segments , Thru the questionnaire different direct opinion and conclusions from society was analysed considering those same energy topics. The survey was conducted on a total of 617 respondents from seven different cities on the Croatian territory . The idea was to compare the results obtained from the survey with logically conclusions and argumentation that emerged from the analysis of the documents and statistical data from the previous practice in the energy sector in Croatia . The paper accented suggestions and ideas for distributed implementations of the smale scale sources with most emphasis on the fotovoltaic tecnology . Proposal for smaller sources is justified and argumented in the thesis by technical and economic elements , and the thesis tried to explain and argument the viability of this proposal. In the circles that follow the development of the energy sector in Croatia , some facts about the barriers and possible improvements in the restructure of the renewable implementation plan is generally familiar. In this study it is mostly accented the fact that a small distributed renewable sources are ideal for the current energy situation in Croatia and therefore should be taken more into consideration for futher development of the renewable sector. Small sources are interesting for several reasons, among others , because they were easily accessible to ordinary households , and therefore it encourages employment at the local level . From a technical perspective , it is easiest to implement in existing power system and do not affect negatively the distribution network like large solution of from the renewable energy element portfolio.
The paper discusses also the financing and promoting of renewable energy sources and on their promotion by the state . There are known conclusions and around predominantly already known general knowledge and practical problems around the implementation of certain renewable energy technologies and all these conclusions are compared with respondents' opinion on various issues . This work led to thinking that the problems regarding the implementation of renewable energy sources are present . For each of these problems are known causes and consequences , however the intention was to compare the perceptions and the actual amount of knowledge that society has on the actual elements and variables that actually affect the development of renewable energy sources in the Republic of Croatia . But also the intention was to see how certain social and economic elements affecting the same perception and how the respondents actually know the real energy picture in the state of Croatia .
Ciclo di dottorato: XXV Ciclo
Keywords: renewableenergyquestionnaireCroatiasources
Type: Doctoral
Language: en
Settore scientifico-disciplinare: SPS/10 SOCIOLOGIA DELL'AMBIENTE E DEL TERRITORIO
NBN: urn:nbn:it:units-12297
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