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ATrA 9. Housing and dwelling among the Saho-speaking communities of Eritrea and Ethiopia. History, anthropology and lexicography [1]    

Moreno Vergari (ed.) with the contributions of Ahmedsaad Mohammed Omer, Giorgio Banti, Gianni Dore, Moreno Vergari and Roberta Vergari

ATrA 7. Language and Identity Theories and experiences in lexicography and linguistic policies in a global world [16]    

Edited by Ilaria Micheli, Flavia Aiello, Maddalena Toscano, Amelia Pensabene

ATrA 6. Leggere il teatro: l'esperienza Swahili [1]    

di Graziella Acquaviva

ATrA 3. Cultural and Linguistic Transition explored [23]    

Proceedings of the ATrA closing workshop. Trieste, May 25-26, 2016; ed. by Ilaria Micheli

ATrA 2. Son of the root. Djedwa Yao Kuman Kulango healer and hunter [1]    

Ilaria Micheli, translated by Mark Brady

ATrA 1. Materiality and Identity [9]    

Ilaria Micheli (ed.)