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The Interpreters’ Newsletter is a printed journal on Interpreting Studies. After publication all issues are placed on-line in an electronic format. The journal provides a readily accessible forum for an exchange of information on Interpreting Studies worldwide. This has been its aim since 1988 when it appeared as the first journal on Interpreting Studies. It publishes contributions that cover all theoretical and practical aspects of interpreting: conference interpreting (simultaneous and consecutive interpreting), dialogue interpreting (court interpreting, public service interpreting, liaison interpreting, sign language interpreting, etc.), including numerous methodologies and interdisciplinary approaches. Contributions should be submitted in English or French. All essays should include an English abstract of max. 200 words. The editorial staff especially welcomes interdisciplinary contributions with special attention to innovative trends. The journal has an anonymous referee system that undertakes double-blind peer review. One issue per year is expected.

ISSN (print) 1591-4127

ISSN (online) 2421-714X

Next issue: 24 (2019) Editors: Cynthia J. Kellett and Alessandra Riccardi


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