The Interpreters' Newsletter n. 05 - 1993


Laura Gran and David Snelling


Giuliana Lipizer

The Compatibilità of Immediate Solutions with Socio-Cultural Differentials in the Interpretation of Political Discourse

Bistra Alexieva

Aptitude Tests and Intertextuality in Simultaneous Interpreting

Ingrid Kurz

Conference Interpretation: Expectations of Different User Groups

Sylvie Lambert

Quality: A Shared Objective

Stefano Marrone

The Effect of Ear of Information Reception on the Proficiency of Simultaneous Interpretation

R. Tunc Ozben

Considerations on the Note-Taking Process during Consecutive Interpretation from Italian into Turkish

Roberta Pelletta

Plato’s Cratylus: An Old Dialogue describes the Difficulty of attributing a Meaning to Words

Franz Pöchhacker

On the Science of Interpretation

Nancy Schweda Nicholson

The Constructive Criticism Model

Mariachiara Russo

Testing Aptitude for Simultaneous Interpretation: Evaluation of the First Trial and Preliminary Results

Christopher Taylor

Vocabulary Acquisition for Student Interpreters: Recommendations on the Judicious reading of Newspapers

Silvia Cellerino

Considerations on Certain Principles of Terminology Theory

Anna Giambagli

L’interprétation en ralais: une perte d’information?

Maurizio Viezzi

Written Translation and Simultaneous Interpretation Compared and Contrasted: A Case Study

Caterina Falbo

L’interprète: recepteur et producteur textual

Book Reviews

Daniel Gile

Birgit STROLZ, Theorie und Praxis des Simultandolmetschens Argumente für einen kontextuellen Top-down-Ansatz der Verarbeitung und Produktion von Sprache, Thèse de doctorat non publiée. 191 pages de texte plus annexes. Geisteswissenschaftlichte Fakultät der Universität Wien, juin 1992

Gérard Ilg

Marianna LEDERER et Fortunato ISRAEL (dir.), La liberté en traduction, Paris, Didier Erudition (Traductologie n. 7), 1991

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