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1992The Interpreters' Newsletter n. 04
feb-1992Bibliographical update
feb-1992Book Review: Laura Bertone, En torno de Babel. Estrategias de la interpretaciòn simultaneaViaggio, Sergio
feb-1992Book Review: Ruth Morris, The impact of interpretation on the role performance of principiants in Legal proceedingsGile, Daniel
feb-1992The translation of film subtitles from english into italianViezzi, Maurizio
feb-1992Vers une nouvelle définition du bilinguisme pour l'interprétationGiambagli, Anna
feb-1992Cohesion and the systemic-functional approach to text: applications to political speeches and significance for simultaneous interpretationGallina, Sandra
feb-1992Considerations on the general theory of terminologyCellerino, Silvia
feb-1992Cognitive clozing to teach them to thinkViaggio, Sergio
feb-1992Teaching beginners to shut up and listenViaggio, Sergio
feb-1992Dropping the pen and grabbing the Mike. A U.N. translator trains to become an interpreterMalchik, Susana
feb-1992Aptitude testing for simultaneous interpretationLambert, Sylvie
feb-1992ShadowingLambert, Sylvie
feb-1992Delayed auditory feedback effects on simultaneous interpretersSpiller-Bosatra, Edith; Darò, Valeria
feb-1992EditorialGran, Laura; Dodds, John
feb-1992Letters to the editorsDodds, John; Gran, Laura; Viezzi, Maurizio
Collection's Items (Sorted by Data di deposito in Discendente order): 1 to 17 of 17
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