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Title: Méditer sur la traduction des bandes dessinées: une perspective de sémiologie parallèle
Authors: Celotti, Nadine
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: EUT - Edizioni Università di Trieste
Series/Report no.: Rivista internazionale di tecnica della traduzione / International Journal of Translation
Abstract: The focus of this article is on the translation of comics. In the first part the author provides a review of the existing research in the translation of this particular textual genre andfinds that for a long time comics have been ignored by Translation Studies as an object of investigation in their own right. Sometimes used as mere examples to illustrate the technique of "compensation" or a "reader-centred" translation approach, comics have been recently included in a new type of translation called "constrained translation", where the illustration is seen as a constraint for the translator. In contrast to such an approach, the second part of the article proposes a translation approach to comics where the linguistic and the semiological aspects have a parallel status. Translators need therefore to develop their semiotic competence in order to be able to consider the illustration as a fundamental semantic feature of the linguistic message in the creation of the story.
Description: pp.29-61
ISBN: 88-8303-073-7
Appears in Collections:Rivista internazionale di tecnica della traduzione n.05 - 2000

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