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Title: Towards a More Precise Distinction between Context and Situation, Intention and Sense
Authors: Viaggio, Sergio
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: EUT - Edizioni Università di Trieste
Series/Report no.: Rivista internazionale di tecnica della traduzione / International Journal of Translation
Abstract: This work is intended to help interpretation and translation teachers place more precisely before their students a text in the speech situation, a conditio sine qua non in order to disentangle sense from the web of linguistic meanings. It is a truism that no utterancel can be correctly interpreted in a vacuum, as a specimen of a language, rather than as an act of speech, i.e. as a specific use of language in a given situation. In specialised literature the crucial distinction is ever more often made between linguistic meaning and extra-linguistic sense - the latter understood, precisely, as the substantive communicative content of a message, what the speaker means to say with what he says: the Paris school's vouloir dire. This sense may be defined, grosso nzodo, as the vector resulting from the linguistic meaning of the message and the sender's communicative intention within the specific speech situation. Of these three factors, the first is the only relatively non-controversial one; the second is already more complex (what about the unconscious intention? and what about the lapsus linguae, the betrayal of conscious intention?); while the third encompasses everything besides the utterance itself, including, at times, the sender's very intention. In order to name it, the term usually resorted to is that jack-of-all-trades "context", which, to boot, also covers the purely linguistic surroundings. So if the conceptual and terminological distinction between meaning and sense is already established (though, unfortunately, not enough), there still prevails in literature an indiscriminate use of "context" and "situation".
Description: pp.1-25
ISBN: 88-8303-025-7
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