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Titolo: Riflessioni sulla traduzione verso l'italiano
Autore/i: Benelli, Graziano
Data: 1999
Editore: EUT - Edizioni Università di Trieste
Numero nella collana: Rivista internazionale di tecnica della traduzione / International Journal of Translation
This article claims that the irnportant works on translation studies which have
been published in Italy in the last few years have not been paralleled by a higher
quality of the translations from French into Italian. The majority of such
translations, published by the most well-known Italian publishers, still display
many source-text interpretation errors. It is argued that the blame for the low
quality of translations from French into Italian is to be ascribed mainly to Italian
universities, where translating into Italian from a foreign language is crucially
considered as a very elementary activity. Thus considerably less irnportance is
attached to forma1 courses of translation into Italian by both teachers and
students as compared to courses focussing on second language acquisition. It is
further argued that teaching translation should mean mainly giving trainees the
tools to solve any new translation problem they may encounter in their careers -
what the author calls a "translating mentality", ie. a well-balanced and
homogeneous mix of translation theory and practice giving rise to the
translator's specific (and particular) methodological approach.
Tipologia: Articolo
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10077/2913
ISBN: 88-8303-025-7
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