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Titolo: Non-verbal communication as a component of Polish-English courtroom talk affecting the accuracy and impartiality of interpreting
Autore/i: Biernacka, Agnieszka
Parole chiave: Non-verbal communicationimpactcourt interpretingaccuracyimpartiality
Data: 2020
Editore: EUT Edizioni Università di Trieste
Citazione: Agnieszka Biernacka, "Non-verbal communication as a component of Polish-English courtroom talk affecting the accuracy and impartiality of interpreting", in: "The Interpreters’ Newsletter 2020 (25)", Trieste, EUT Edizioni Università di Trieste, 2020, pp. 95-111
Journal: The Interpreters' Newsletter 
Non-verbal communication is a fundamental element of intercultural interactions.
This paper seeks to discuss non-verbal expressions, such as gazes, long
pauses, pointing gestures, nodding and other head movements, produced by the
participants in Polish-English courtroom interactions with a view to studying
the interpreter’s obligation to provide accurate renditions and to remain impartial.
It is hypothesized that not only may non-verbal components of the original
speakers’ utterances have an impact on the interpreters’ renditions, but also
that the interpreters’ own non-verbal expressions have the potential to add to
the meaning of their utterances. The results of the analysis show that all participants,
including interpreters, use a non-verbal channel and that body language
can affect the meaning of the messages transmitted throughout the interactions
and lead to a possible lack of accuracy and/or impartiality in interpreting.
Tipologia: Articolo
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10077/31240
ISSN: 1591-4127
eISSN: 2421-714X
DOI: 10.13137/2421-714X/31240
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