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Title: International management at the end of XXI century (managerial styles UE and USA)
Authors: Brandusoiu, Ioana Catalina
Keywords: International ManagementNew emerging powerTransborder financial cooperationGlobal competitivenessInternational Relations
Issue Date: 26-Apr-2010
Publisher: Università degli studi di Trieste
Abstract: The study of international relations derives from the history of diplomacy and international law. Today the subject is as interdisciplinary as it deals with time elements( history)‐events, space dimensions ( geography)‐ place, power (political sciences)‐state/actor, economic state( economic sciences)‐market, social behavior( sociology)‐social system, culture(anthropology)‐cultural system, personality of actors( psychology)‐individuality.1 One of the challenges of the 21st century will be maintaining the security of liberal democratic states. Freedom from physical attack or coercion, from internal subversion and from erosion of the political, economic and social values essential to people's way of life will be under threat. Problems will arise from great power ambitions, regional disputes, the collapse of states and ecological disasters. But widely accessible new technologies, the spread of weapons of mass effect, and a high degree of global mobility have increased the vulnerabilities of democratic states to adversaries with trans‐national ideologies willing to use violence to achieve their aims. The paper seeks to bring its contribution to enhancing the understanding states managerial styles, their vision, resources, commitments interests, agreements, their international relation, the power they have, they lack, the interdependence between them, world system of analysis and its evolution, the impact of the financial crisis, which countries are more successful than others in raising income levels and opportunities for their respective populations. And in this global perspective there were set two important actors: European Union and United States of America, that have been investigated from their political, social, economical point of view, relating them to global competitiveness, as a preset challenge of the international system.
Description: 2008/2009
NBN: urn:nbn:it:units-8975
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