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Title: DNA Barcoding and Phylogeny of Patellids from Asturias (Northern Spain)
Authors: Borrell, Yaisel Juan
Romano, Fernando
Vázquez, Emilia
Blanco, Gloria
Sánchez Prado, Jose Antonio
Keywords: PatellidsCOI geneBayes phylogeniesAsturias
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: EUT Edizioni Università di Trieste
Source: Yaisel Juan Borrell [et al.], DNA Barcoding and Phylogeny of Patellids from Asturias (Northern Spain), in Pier Luigi Nimis and Régine Vignes Lebbe (eds.): “Tools for Identifying Biodiversity: Progress and Problems. Proceedings of the International Congress, Paris, September 20-22, 2010”, Trieste, EUT Edizioni Università di Trieste, 2010, pp. 281-287.
Abstract: The main role for genetics in marine invertebrates is the identification of species and groups of interbreeding individuals. In Asturias exists an ancient culinary tradition of consumption for limpets (Patella s.s.) but there is a lack of studies about these species. We have sampled Asturian marine Patella s.s. specimens and conducted sequencing of the mtDNA COI gene. We have confirmed the presence of four Patella s.s. in the Asturian coasts (P. vulgata, P. depressa, P.aspera, and P. rustica). Our work raises concerns about the current state of the P. vulgata populations in Asturias, where it is exploited, due to its low levels of genetic variation. Our phylogenetic analyses using Bayesian approaches confirmed that patellids belong to four different clades but gives a new version about how these clades are related inside the genus aiming for the necessity of more work to address this issue.
ISBN: 978-88-8303-295-0
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