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Piet Rietveld

Cees van Goeverden, Piet Rietveld, Jorine Koelemeijer, Paul Peeters,
Subsidies in public transport

Cathy Macharis, Astrid De Witte, Thérèse Steenberghen, Stefaan Van de Walle, Pierre Lannoy, Céline Polain,
Impact and effectivity of “Free” Public Transport measures: lessons from the case study of Brussels

Petros Ieromonachou, Stephen Potter, James P. Warren,
Evaluation of the implementation process of urban road pricing schemes in the United Kingdom and Italy

Barry Ubbels, Erik Verhoef
Acceptability of road pricing and revenue use in the Netherlands

Simon Allen, Martin Gaunt, Tom Rye,
An investigation into the reasons for the rejection of congestion charging by the citizens of Edinburgh

Juan Carlos Martin, Ofelia Betancor
Evaluating different pricing policies on social welfare: an application to Madrid Barajas

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