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Titolo: The Intrusive Landscape Designer: Recreating 'The Front Yard' in Assisi
Autore/i: Grego, Edoarda
Parole chiave: American writers in ItalyUmbrian landscapeAmerican tourists in ItalyAttitude towards differenceConstance Fenimore Woolson in Italy
Data: 2000
Editore: EUT Edizioni Università di Trieste
Citazione: Edoarda Grego, "The Intrusive Landscape Designer: Recreating 'The Front Yard' in Assisi", in: Prospero. Rivista di Letterature Straniere, Comparatistica e Studi Culturali, VII (2000), pp. 85-105
Numero nella collana: Prospero. Rivista di Letterature Straniere, Comparatistica e Studi Culturali
VII (2000)
Abstract: Constance Fenimore Woolson travelled through the United States first, and later reached Europe, never to come back to America again. She, just like her guide and mentor Henry James, was always looking for the picturesque, reading the due Baedeckers, and visiting the places that any cultured tourist was bound to see. "The Front Yard” owes its originality to the fact that its main character, Prudence, is the exact opposite of what the typical American tourist was, since she is not interested in the slightest in the wonderful Umbrian landscape that surrounds her abode, and finds the picturesque repugnant. Her greatest wish is to recreate the New Hampshire front yard she left behind when she came to Europe, and thus to feel at home again. Nathaniel Hawthorne and Mark Twain shared this same attitude towards ‘alterity’: they visited the Old World experiencing contempt for some of its traits and nurturing a deep longing for the American landscape with its straight lines, and right angles.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10077/7118
ISSN: 1123-2684
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